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What is a Makeup Artist Union Card? A makeup artist union card is a card given to the members of labour union groups which is also available for Professionals in the entertainment industry.  An example is The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States also known as IATSE.

What can a Makeup Artist Union Card do?
It is an identification of creative professionals to the public. By having a professional makeup artist union card it provides an assured pay range and all legal representation of what the Union can offer to its members.

So how, when, what can a makeup artist do to get a Union Card?
To start, visit the IATSE website and look for the closest union office in your area. A directory on the website will show the localities. Send your curriculum vitae along with your relevant work experiences through the Union Representative in your area.

What are the credentials needed to have a professional makeup artist union card?
If you have at least 3 years work experience or a degree in your makeup artist profession, then you can do away with the exam. To get this recognized, compile all your payment vouchers, deposit slips of the services you provided, so as the certificates, degrees that would total t o at least 3 years experience.

What is the process to have a makeup artist union card?
Once your credentials are done, wait for your scheduled interview with the Union’s Board of Examiners. By then you will be asked to sign a Hiring Hall Agreement. Remember that having the flexibility with your work hours and your high score in the exam will be of big advantage in your acceptance to the Union.

After Passing the exam, what is next step to have a makeup artist union card?
At this point, you will be asked to pay certain dues. Your name will be included in the list of makeup artist available for work in your area.

So if you are still wondering what is the general advantage of a makeup artist union card? Simple, it is the ability of an Artist like you to gain more profits and develop a wider network in the industry.  At the same time having a makeup artist union card will give you that recognition that you are active in the creative industry.